Customized Medal – MD06BG BRIGHT Gold 1″ Holder

$450.00 plus GCT

When entering the details of your medals order, kindly ensure that these requirements are clearly outlined within the details:

1.The AWARDER” (i.e., the name of the school/institution giving the award)
2. “The CATEGORY” (i.e., the reason for the award or the name of the event being awarded)
3. “The YEAR” (i.e., the year in which the award is given)
4. Where applicable, “The AWARDEE’S NAME” (i.e., the name of the person receiving the award).

Information provided will be engraved as is submitted. Colours Jamaica will not be held liable for incorrect submission. Please take the time to review and do a proper spell check. At Colours Jamaica we “cut & paste” information received whenever we engrave products. Therefore, clients are advised to pay special attention to upper- and lower-case lettering. All orders are produced exactly as was submitted. The production of the order will be initiated upon payment.

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