1. Promotional information will be prepared by our team and forwarded to the schools by means of WhatsApp and email.

2. The promotional information will in turn be communicated to the parents by way of the class WhatsApp groups/email:

The initial promo info includes the following:
a. Picture sample of Products
b. Product Price List
c. Instructions on how to place an order
d. Promotional offers where applicable

3. Printed order sheets will no longer be used to obtain the details of an order. Parents will now be required to COMPLETE & SUBMIT a form via a link included within the instructions communicated.

4. All orders received will be communicated to the school by means of email.


  • 10% commission on the base rate sales is returned to the school for its future development.
  • In addition to the 10% commission offered, the schools also have the leverage to mark up the prices by 100.00.
  • Class Teachers with a 10 and over student response from his/her class receive a FREE Photograph.
  • The photoshoot Coordinator receives an additional incentive.
  • Parents spending 3500.00 and more will receive a FREE ACRYLIC KEYCHAIN embellished with their child’s photo.
  • Additional incentives to parents will sometimes be added in order to stimulate student’s participation.



  • We encourage interested parents to finalize their orders at least 3 days before the date of Photoshoot. It is NOT recommended for orders to be made/taken on the day of photoshoot.
  • Orders placed are precisely produced by the office. Individuals are not allowed to change selections after the date of photo shoot.


  • Parents/Guardians are required to make full payments for orders placed.
  • A Payment instruction correspondence will accompany each order.
    • Payments can be made via our E-commerce NCB platform


  • Products will be delivered within 15 working days after the date of photo shoot.


  • Where payments were made by absentees, a subsequent refund will be made to the account used to make the purchase.


  • Orders for reprints are available via the link
  • The cost associated with the delivery of Reprints will NOT be the responsibility of the company.